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About Ellie Irwin 

      Ellie Irwin, the folk/country singer-songwriter from the heart of Pennsylvania, is capturing hearts and ears with her comforting & nostalgic, yet heartbreaking tunes. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like James Taylor & Joni Mitchell, as well as more modern writers such as Taylor Swift & Phoebe Bridgers, Ellie's music weaves tales of love, longing, through her own unique lens. 

      Ellie's personal musical journey commenced in her small hometown's musical theater scene. It was here that she first discovered her innate passion for communicating stories on stage. As she matured as an artist, she transitioned from performing the stories of others to crafting her own narratives. Her desire to deepen her songwriting skills led her to the Berklee College of Music, where she now hones her craft. Her love of music, though, began in her childhood, courtesy of her dad's unwavering passion for live performances. She gratefully states, “Growing up, my dad was always trying to get to as many live shows as possible, & I was happy to tag along. Music is at the heart of our relationship, so inevitably it ended up being something so deeply rooted in my life.” 

      Ellie's signature style is a new captivating blend of singer-songwriter, folk and country, reminiscent of the timeless classics that have inspired her, with a twist of rawness and originality. Her music is a lyrical journey, filled with heartfelt melodies and poetic storytelling. "I feel like I act almost as a translator. In my songs I tend to write things I might never say out loud. I think that's why it works.", the writer states. Each song is a glimpse into her soul, reflecting the emotions and experiences that define her unique musical perspective.

      Currently, Ellie is in the midst of releasing her debut album, which is promised to be a profound exploration of her artistic identity. Her commitment to real and authentic storytelling paired with her enchanting melodies makes her a must-listen for anyone seeking a real & authentic experience in the form of folk music. 


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